Episode 6
It's My Last Summer!
 Japanese 最後の夏なんだもん!
 Romaji Saigo no Natsu Nandamon!
 Air Date August 5, 2018
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Futari no Hane
 Ending High Stepper
• Anime Chronology•
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It's My Last Summer! (最後の夏なんだもん!) is the sixth episode of the Hanebad! anime.


Miyako wants the badminton club to have new uniforms, as Nagisa doesn't think they should, while Riko does. Since Ayano joined the badminton club, it has changed the club's image. During practice Yu notices both Nagisa and Riko have changed. Erena saw Ayano staring at the whiteboard thinking about what Conny said, asking "Are you ok?" For the next preliminary badminton tournament, everyone has gotten the information on, who will they face. Yu asks whose Riko opponent is, and her name is Nozomi Ishizawa, an old middle school friend. Who was a semifinalist from last year's badminton tournament. Nagisa wonders how Riko will win and she yells at Nagisa for not being like her. At the start of the high school single's badminton tournament, Miyako unexpectedly hands out the new uniforms. As everyone is doing their best. Until the match with Riko and Nozomi, Nozomi had the upper hand as Riko is doubting herself. When Nagisa reminds her and shouts "One More Time." She tries her hardest, when the match ends in Riko losing and Nozomi winning. Riko walks out of the gym, as Nagisa tries to cheer her up. Kaoruko gives Ayano a pink handkerchief. Surprisingly Uchika shows up at the badminton tournament.